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5 Unique Home Decor Ideas You Thought Never Exists!!

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To transform your house into a home, simply add some comfort items and touches in it. This can be accomplished by purchasing functional and tasteful items of furniture or even interesting accessories. An item which can satisfy all these features and add some value to your home is a wall clock. There are some quirky, decorative and interesting wall clocks available today. Lamps are also ideal for this purpose. A dedicated online store where you can purchase these items is Fufuh.
Here, you can find funky and distinctive wall clocks and lamps. They can help you to execute some excellent home decor ideas so as to boost your home’s comfort. Read on to discover these ideas and how to execute them.

1. Display decorative items on the mantelpiece

An exceptional way to add some uniqueness to your home is to display some uniquely-shaped or textured items on the mantelpiece. An ideal type of item for this purpose is a carved clock. Available on Fufuh, you can place a ceramic, wooden or bronze carved clock on the mantelpiece. This gives your home an inviting atmosphere. It is also guaranteed to grab the attention and curiosity of your visitors.
Hence, this is a unique home decor idea which can be performed when you buy wall clocks online India.

2. Layer your home

An easy yet effective way to add some character and uniqueness to your home is to make use of layers. This is where you can drape some textured fabrics, throws and quilts on your furniture. Simply ensure that these items are of vibrant colors in the same palette as the furniture. Doing so ensures that the overall appearance is beautiful and classy. Moreover, you can get a wall clock featuring the same color as these layering items. The Bananas and Basketball wall clocks from Fufuh are ideal for this purpose. 

3. Mash things up a bit

A unique and attractive way to decorate your home is to mix things up a little bit. You can find modern and traditional items to mix up in your home. For example, you can get an Oriental Dragon wall clock from Fufuh and combine it with rustic furniture and retro carpeting. You can also get fridge magnets online India which have complementary colors to the rest of your home decorThis gives an eclectic mix which is bound to keep the room looking dynamic. As you pick out these items, make sure that none outshines the other. This results in an effective mash up. 

4. Add storage items

Part of effective home decor is adding some storage to your home. You can accomplish this by combining vintage cabinets and modern drawer chests. Moreover, you can add some carved tables with little drawers in your home. These units are highly effective for promoting your home decor and also adding a decorative touch to your premises. To add some spice to the whole combination, you can buy table lamps online India from our site and add them as centerpieces on the cabinets or drawer chests.

5. Go vintage

A touch of the old school is an easy way of decorating your home. You can find some classic dish sets and add them to your collection. You can also find some vintage, printed pillowcases and add them to your furniture set. Quite interestingly, you can also buy a vintage lamp on Fufuh and place it on your dining table for a touch of authenticity. You can buy lamps online India. These factors all work to ensure that your home decor is charming.


Changing up the decor in your home is one of the ways to refresh it and improve its appearance. The ideas above incorporate high-quality clocks and lamps from Fufuh to deliver beautiful results. You can implement them in your home to give it a new lease of life. 

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