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Welcome to – Buy Cool Stuff Online India

Ever wondered about gifting something funky to someone close to your heart? Our online platform is all about that unique funky stuff – the one you ever wanted to gift or spruce up your room with. Buy cool stuff online India could be a daunting task especially when you are uncertain about what you want to gift. For people who scour the web to find something quirky and interesting online, here we are. Our plethora of funky stuff online India is sure to satisfy the junkie in you. What’s better than seeing that big fat smile on your favorite person’s face, right? Getting your friend a funky gift or gifting your dad something special is equally exceptional for you as well as for them.

Beware; there is nothing that’s going to look ordinary or casual here. With a touch of artistry and creativity, every single piece is eccentric. We want to bring in a twist in the conventional gifting styles. A gift that matches the personality of the receiver and completely syncs in with their preference is our aim. Every single piece that’s displayed at the site is uniquely crafted by us and is a head turner. So how about buying cool stuff online India today and treating your special someone?

All of us love the unusual stuff. That moment where you unwrap a beautiful box and find something funky, your excitement scales up. That’s exactly what we would like to do. Above all, it’s not just a gift that sits on your wall or rack but rather can be used to decorate too. How about a clock that’s also a fridge magnet and a rewritable board? It’s multifunctional, right; yet uniquely designed with undeniable quality.

We look forward to creating a bond that’s more personal and impart an evocative feeling to our customers. At, we try to lift your spirit and spread positive vibes. Happiness is all about celebrating every small moment in life and we want to add to your special moments. Our products are thoughtfully designed to spin that magic of playfulness, charm, and surprise in your everyday life.

We have a gift for every occasion and any person you could think of; whether it is buying funky gifts for friends or other quirky stuff online India, you find it all here. The superheroic dad, tough to satisfy boss, ever demanding girlfriend, funny neighbor, cool grandparents, whoever it is, you name it and we get it. The quality and cost are two other factors that make us extra special. We help you buy cool stuff online India at the comfort of your own home at an affordable rate.

We would also love to customize gifts for you. When briefed about your preferences, we shall nail it for you. We do all sorts of customization which could range from adding a simple alphabet or change of color or even theme. At the end of the day, we just want to be the reason behind that broad smile of yours.


Friends are like oxygen, which you need to survive in your life. They are the pillars, holding you together and never letting you crumble. So, you can never ever imagine losing them or ending your precious friendship with them. That’s why friends should always exchange memories, either in the form of selfies taken on the phone or in the form of multifarious gifts.

Buying funky gifts for friends is one of the best things you can do to honor this precious relationship. There is no doubt about the serenity, which is the gift of having friends who can go to any extent to make you laugh. Sometimes there is fun, sometimes there are quarrels, but in the end, it’s the togetherness which matters.

That’s why Fufuh has brought some impeccable surprises for your friends.


Quirkiness comes with some crazy friends in the group whom you can never ignore, no matter how much you hate their craziness and madness. And that’s quite evident from the sulking expression on your face when your friends stay far away from you.

So, if you miss them so much and if you know they also miss you too much, then why don’t you give them something worthy of the time you have spent together?

Fufuh has some amazing collections like the brocade print clutches and the tote bags. These bags are one of the best things for your female friends, especially if you want them to give something useful. You will find different shades and designs, which will definitely make them super happy.

If your friends are shifting somewhere else, then what can be the best gift other than the table coasters? And if you consider something more memorable, then Fufuh has personalized coasters, where you can print your favorite photo and have them delivered at their place. These coasters are one of the best funky gifts for friends you can find on Fufuh.


The needle felted toys are one of the best funky gifts online India that you can find at Fufuh. In fact, they are the epitome of cuteness, especially the set of needle felted hanging dolls. Another amazing gift is donut bouquet, which is definitely the most unique one. Till now, you have always heard about the flower and the chocolate bouquets. But now, Fufuh has made the difference by giving something extravagant for the friends to celebrate their friendship with the delicious donuts.

The wall clocks of different designs are the perfect definition of being the best quirky gifts online in India. If your friend loves the bike, then the bike collection of the wall clocks online will be best for reminding him of the races he won and lost. If you have a pet lover in your group, Fufuh has the wall clock with the cutouts of the dogs lining the circular border or you can also buy wall lamps online, handmade jewelry, handmade candles etc

So many amazing gifts and so much confusion but don’t worry, take your time and choose the best gift for your friend. 

We also have an online chat box for you to connect with us for all sorts of ideas. Please feel free to drop us a message.