1. We Always Believed In Doing Things In a Different/ New /Fresh Way

What commenced as a thought to create and do things differently has reached new echelons in no time. Since the inception, Fufuh believed in doing things differently rather than doing different things. This is what one notices while exploring our exceptional range of products. Our emphasis has always been on following a unique approach to creating regular products that no more stay regular. The brainstorming sessions are long with a vision to deliver products that are the class apart yet close to your heart.

2. We Have Made Mistakes & Transformed It Into Learning

Just like others, we too committed mistakes but as is said, “It’s not how we make mistakes but how we correct them that defines us.” Our range and platform is a result of what we have learned from our mistakes. We have willed our best efforts in creating every product that is listed on our platter. Behind every product’s existence lies an immense deal of enthusiasm, passion, and experimentation, similar to any other creator.

3. Our Vision Is To Unite Quality Creators. It Is Not To Make An Online Marketplace

Our vision is not about building a marketplace of creators but to make an exceptional online destination / a shop for selected few creators under various categories. The ones who are passionate about what they do, the ones whose world revolves around utilizing creativity to deliver exceptionality. Following the age-old saying “Unity is the strength,” by having passionate creators come together under one roof, we believe in reaping the consolidated benefit of both a marketplace as well as own website with the creations available. Here when we talk about creations, then it can include anything from décor items like table lamps, coaster sets, wall clocks, etc. to accessories like jewelry, bags to even serving finger-licking chocolates or brownies for the cravers. Or create a unique service. No one is charged with thinking and bringing forward the ideas then why stop!! Currently, the best choices available to sell such products online are to either sell on marketplaces or have your brand website. The aim continues to be able to generate sales. However, both the above options hold its own set of pros and cons in the short as well as long run.

We have always had the vision of creating a platform to attract eyeballs from a targeted audience for our original range of offerings where every offering is a masterpiece. A masterpiece that is a result of the hard work put in by us, the creators. With a passionate bunch of creators coming together will ensure insight into their thoughts and further into what creating a piece of beauty means. We love building new things and strive to follow the same in the times ahead, however, our ultimate objective in addition to this is to bring together the creative minds – the creators – the ones who are seriously passionate about showcasing their talent on a common platform fetching the maximum advantages for all of us as possible.

4. What We Give, Is What We Get

Following the ideology of what we give is what we get, we strongly focus on giving. By building a platform like this, the underlying idea is to provide and to develop a healthy environment for creators with the mindset of giving their best. This would ensure that they focus more on the creativity rather than the commercial aspect. Further, this would provide buyers with a platform to experience the genuine creativity of proficient artists who endow their passion behind every product they make. We will continue to offer and contribute to the cause of bringing together the best creators and their products on a common platform in our unique way aligned with our slowly but gradually expanding capacity…