In the maddening crowd of one hell of a surprising Indian city, Fufuh makes a life for itself.

The primary artist and conceptualizer wander down narrow cobblestone streets, past dingy alleys, pretty towns and cities, foreign woods and lawns, small villages, green cafeterias and dine-outs in search of inspiring stories and like-minded artists trying to add beauty to an otherwise already beautiful world. An independent, true survivor, our man behind Fufuh believes creativity got to be backed with logic to make sense to the modern world. Maybe he is right!

Few years before Le Man had stepped back from the rigmaroles of a long corporate career in the desire of giving shape to some beautiful, quirky ideas floating around in the universe. Of course not an easy task in hand and with doubts and raised eyebrows everywhere, Le Man started questioning the truth behind the saying- “[If] One can see the invisible then the universe can deliver the impossible!”

Yet, Le Man took the challenge, packed his bags and left for strange lands. He wanted to curate unique ideas, back them by logic and put them into execution to create fancy, quirky (and often, beautiful) stuff. In no time, Le Man started finding inspirations wherever he went- he just had to see deeper.

Fufuh started from Le Man’s living room.

It took no time for close family and friends to realize Le Man’s talent for design. His ideas coupled with his boundless energy was propelling Fufuh toward creating stuff which started being uniquely its own. Orders started trickling in and Le Man felt the pressing need to graduate from the living room to a bigger workplace.

With support from dear ones, advises from here and there, Le Man went on exploring several options until he discovered the tin workshop in one of the crowded lanes of the capital city which turned out to be Fufuh’s factory. Things took pleasant turns!

Quantity and speed of manufacturing multiplied. 

In no time (a year maybe?) Fufuh overflowed with lamps, bags, coasters, clocks, and anything else Le Man could think to draw into reality. Demand grew and Fufuh graduated from selling through small, third-party portals to its own.

A successful year passed since then and Fufuh’s core design principles still stay simple: all products are completely handmade, fusing quirky charm and true artistry, and providing fair wages to other artists and workers.