Creator Policy

We are pleased to welcome you to our Fufuh family. We hereby mention that this agreement’s content tone in no way reflects our sentiment towards this professional relationship. This agreement is a mere indication of certain legal templates with the required verbose and cold clauses. We aim at establishing a cordial, effective and long lasting relationship between us.
Whereas, the First Party, Fufuh (i.e. the creator profile of fufuh wherein we create products) and Fufuh store (i.e. where fufuh is amalgamating itself and other creators) will be referred to as Fufuh, henceforth.
Whereas the Second Party, coming on board will be henceforth referred to as Creator. The creator is involved in commercial activities pertaining to the manufacture and design of handcrafted goods.
Fufuh is involved in commercial activities pertaining to the sale, research and archival of only those products that are created by the creator himself/herself. This further implies that the product must either be made or designed or both by the Creator. Reselling would not be endured i.e. buying from one place and selling it here at Fufuh is not permitted (this includes drop ship and similar activities too).

About Creator

A Creator who wishes to sell with us must describe how the product is created under the about section of its shop (the space provided by Fufuh to the Creators to display their products). This description should clearly give the buyer the idea that you are the Creator of the said product. Furthermore, in case there are other members involved in the creation process then light should be thrown upon their role.
All photographs posted by the creator should be original and not copied from other Creator’s or websites. The product information represented by the seller should be honest and accurate. It is highly emphasized to deliver the products within the stipulated/agreed deadlines in terms of both shipping as well as the return policy of your shop.

Uploading Rights

Fufuh reserves the right to upload the content for all creators and has the right to deny uploading the same if it is deemed unfit (abusive, threatening, harassing, copied, vulgar etc.) by the former.

Seller Information

Fufuh reserves the right to use information shared by the Creator on their social profiles or directly for the purpose of organic/paid marketing to attract more visitors to the shop.

Customer Information

All the customer information shared (like name, address and telephone number) by the buyer will be purely used for shipping purpose only and for no other purpose. Violation of the same will be dealt with severely and might lead to your shop’s omission.

Customer Reviews & Response

Fufuh advises to maintain healthy and honest reviews and not in, anyway, try to use fake ones. The Creator should respond to buyer’s concerns in a positive and immediate manner. Use of language that is deemed unfit by Fufuh will be omitted without giving any notice and without taking any consent.
The Creator should provide great customer service to the buyers, by sticking to commitments given to the buyers on the Creator shop and products page and providing information that is true.
Adherence to performance matrix for Creator is an essential requirement.

Financials & Commission

Fufuh will not charge any commission from its fellow creators to begin with, and all financials will be on actual basis. Similar to running ones own online shop.


We follow 4 payout days in a month cycle i.e. every Friday (if there are 4 Friday’s in a month). As per the return policy for the customers, they are given a 7 days return window therefore once the 7 days returns window is over, we would consider the sale to be complete and immediately initiate release of your payment on the coming payout day of the same month.
For instance, in case the sale is considered to be completed on 3rd of the month then the payment would be released on Friday following the 3rd. Generally, the payment will take 3-4 working days to reflect in your bank account.

After initial acceptance, it is the duty of the Creator to check the Creator policy for an update. It is available on the website. It will be taken as accepted by all Creator’s if no concern is raised within 7 days of updating.