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Fridge magnet with clock

We, at Fufuh services, wish to surprise and mesmerize our customers with our out of league products. This time we thought to bring something very unique and classy bursting with versatile usage. One that ornaments your house, ease your work and manage your schedule is nothing else, but a “Fridge magnet with clock”? Woo! That sounds so amazing, in fact, arty. Designed with lots of craftsmanship and detailing, these fridge magnets with the clock are indeed a palpable product. One can mark any important message required with the help of whiteboard marker on it, check the time and of course adorn your kitchen with its elegance. Don’t worry; you can even place your marker at the top, where a holder is meant for the purpose. We add many more details here to give you a better insight of our fridge magnet with clock. So, let’s tick our knowledge about the specifications of the same: 

  • It is a funky product with the convenience to glue it easily on the wall of the fridge. 
  • Clocks and its hands are set and are suggested not to be touched. 
  • Made up of acrylic, it is easy to clean and swap simply by cotton in case it traps dust. 
  • Its unique dial shows perfect timing with an attractive design pattern.
  • Any customized message can be written using a whiteboard marker that comes along.
  • It works perfectly by fixing AA battery in the port assigned.

Furthermore, the fridge magnet with a clock is a very startling gift and of great utility for both males as well as females. Your search to buy fridge magnet online definitely ends at easily and that too, at a very reasonable price. It’s a product worth buying that not only adds a vivacity to your image, but also a class to the kitchen.