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Top 10 First Birthday Gift For Wife After Marriage

gift ideas for wife after marriage

So you are newlywed. Congratulations. It means you did something right. Now you have an amazing woman for your wife and it is your duty to keep her happy. How do you do that? Well, how about getting her the perfect gift for her birthday. Birthdays are special in their own right. I am therefore imagining the first birthday after the wedding will be even more special. Therefore, your first birthday gift to your wife after the marriage has to be as amazing as the woman herself.

In This Article, We Give You Our 10 Best Birthday Gifts For Your Wife In India.

1.Album collection

Gifts should not be about how expensive they are but what sentimental value they add. Find a collection of recent photos capturing great memories you have shared. You can them have an album crafted for you. Trust me that album will mean more to her than you can imagine.

2. Traditional Indian wear

If your wife is fond of sarees why not find the perfect one for her. There is a wide variety to chose from. Depending on what she likes best, you can opt for lehenga saree, lace sleeves sarees, or a designer saree. You can also opt for the more trendier Anarkali and Kalidar suits.

3. Love mug

Here is another idea. How about you have a mug customized with a special message. I have some few ideas myself: World’s best wife. You are my lobster, My queen. Come on get creative and have her reminded how much she means to you everytime she is having coffee or doing dishes.

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4.Cosmetics and beauty accessories

You can never go wrong with these. Women love anything that will enhance their beauty. Therefore getting her that favorite lipstick or a hair straightener is an assured hit.

5. Jewellery

This is another top gift that will never fail to impress. Rings, necklaces, bracelets, anklets, these are all prized possessions among women in India. Make sure you chose something that’s unique and rhymes with her personality.

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6.Cakes and roses

Pretty obvious right. A birthday will not be really complete without a cake. Make your wife feel special by ordering a cake of her favorite flavour. Make it even more memorable by adding a personalized birthday wish on the cake and a bunch of edible flowers to top it off.

7. Shopping vouchers

This is the perfect way to get the hassle of choosing her birthday gift from your back. Gift her with a shopping voucher that she can use at her own convenience. Choose the appropriate shop that you are sure she will get all her essentials according to her taste and style.

8. Dinner

A candlelit dinner in her favourite restaurant. Isn’t that just perfect? Order her favourite dish and enjoy each others company for the better part of the night. Make sure the night is all about her. You do not want to take her to dinner and continuously blabber on all about yourself.

9. Shoes and bags

Observe the shoe collection your wife keeps and choose the kind of footwear that best suits her. You will want to be careful about the shoe size as you do not want to get her some ill-fitting shoes. Best to avoid the “we are married yet you do not know my shoe size” kind of situation. You can choose a matching bag to go with the shoes. Always keep in mind your wife’s preference.

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10. Spa voucher

So, why not make your wife feel important by giving her a few hours to herself. It is her birthday after all. Give her a massage/spa voucher and let her feel relaxed. This will go a long way to show you appreciate the work she is putting in the marriage whether she is a housewife or has a job.

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