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I am sharing my journey named RAHI, the traveller on the road of discovery.

My journey with jewellery started quite unexpectedly.
I had been recently operated on multiple times when I joined a cushion cover making class at a Glasgow library. In hindsight, that was what led me to create RAHI; the turning point in my life.
On the hunt for the perfect buttons for my cushion, I stumbled upon a quaint little bead shop, which sold all kinds of beads, including semiprecious gemstones. With my childhood love for pretty stones, I couldn’t resist buying some, and started a page to sell exclusive, handmade jewellery.
Pleasantly surprised with the positive response, I strived to keep up the quality and uniqueness of each piece.
My personal style has always included new kinds of embroidery, so I had my dresses and sarees made by an embroider.
The day before my first exhibition, Khala came to me to deliver my black Gujrati skirt. Glancing upon my collection, she told me to keep some of her own stuff.
Although her stuff did not sell at the exhibition, their fine embroidery did garner acclaim- quite unsurprising as her team had won multiple awards.
However, the acknowledgement gave me the validation I needed to put up her apparel for sale on my page and voila! They sold out rapidly.
And so, I started my line of kantha and Gujrati embroidery, done on Khadi silk, Khadi cotton and handwoven tussar.
At another exhibition, a weaver from Phulia approached me and remarked that my choice was elegant and that I clearly value quality. It was that day I was wearing a 12 year old Bangladeshi taant saree. This commenced another phase of my journey, this time with Phulia cotton.
It is not unusual to find new weaves online, and I acquired such a weave from the weavers of Kuchchh, a handwoven kala cotton piece of cloth to make a dress for myself. The superior texture and feel of the cloth motivated me to start my Bhujoudi venture.
Similarly, I took up to weaves in Patola.
In the meantime, my trip to Bishnupur nurtured my love for their handwoven treasures.
With the help of a master weaver, RAHI was finally able to introduce one-of-a-kind, all-over work Baluchuri blouse pieces and dupattas in inventive colour combinations.
I can say with pride that my work has been appreciated by notable customers the world over, and at Syūti Shaili at Birla, closer to home.
However, handmade natural stone jewellery will always be the core of my journey at RAHI, started on a fateful day at a quiet little bead shop.
They have been featured in the leading Bengali magazine, Sananda, and have travelled to places all over the world.
I am forever dedicated to the quality, importing all my stones and focussing on every detail like using nickel-free findings.
I am also privileged to have my own team of weavers and Patuas who do the binding of my stone jewellery and my pearl jewellery, which come with authenticity certificates.

Much Love

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