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Life is beautiful with multiple colors & that’s what you can expect here in “Artisam”. It is an art studio started in july 2017. Artisam offers an elegant handcrafted, colorful wearable Art mainly for girls and women such as Brooches, Hair Accessories, Jewellery, Hats etc made up of different kind of fabrics like wool, silk, organza etc.

One of the speciality of artisam is it has multiple products using felting technique which is very rarely seen in india. Everything is handmade and inspired by different ideas. Customization is always welcomed and can be made available in different colours and combinations.


Based in Bangalore, art has always been a part of my life since my childhood. I grew up in an environment which always encouraged creative thinking. I love to travel, admire various forms of art which exist in this world & I want to learn/contribute to this amazing facet of life.

To pursue my passion for art, I decided to change my career path from Software professional to a full time artist and embarked on a new chapter in my life named “Artisam”.


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