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Ever played with Lego* when you were a kid? Well I did, and I did that a lot, but then with time things change, you need to get serious in life, let go off your childhood toys to make a career, so did I.

But the passion for building structures never left me.

One fine day a plumber left a few extra metal pipe pieces after fixing a leakage problem in our bathroom, I just couldn’t stop fidgeting with the pipe pieces and made a little structure out of it, that’s when I was reunited with my passion once again, I had found Lego for grown ups.

That’s when my journey of passion began. Various handmade metal pipe lamps, table lamps, floor lamps, chandelier etc,  completely customizable as per your needs, customization includes the entire structure, size and colours.

Our products will literally brighten up the dullest corners of your home.


*(For people who don’t know what Lego is, it’s small plastic building blocks which can be attached to each other to make various structures like houses, cars, planes etc.)


Editor by profession, artist by passion.


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