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Hoola Candles



Hoola Candles was born with a passion for luxury handmade products, to light up homes with a sweet scent of happiness and the warmth endowed with the presence of beautiful candles.

These unique candles are hand-crafted for you with a whole lot of love, care and thought. All our ingredients have an indigenous birth and we take special care to ensure our product is delivered to you in beautiful packaging that embellish spaces with an overpowering sense of calm and peace.


To see Hoola Candles illuminate homes and become a staple in the households of the world with a focus on creating luxury aesthetically pleasing candles and an intent to bring back the elegance of  hand-crafted candles using the traditional art of candle-making.


To provide a special and unique gifting experience to each and every one of our customers for all occasions with an aim to deliver value in terms of stunning customizations, quality and elegant packaging with a dash of fun and tons of hand-crafted love.


Founded in Bangalore with a deeply rooted love for hand-made products, our team focuses on creating artistic designs inspired by nature, colours and beautiful people like you.

We work day-to-day to revive the dying art of making hand-crafted candles and to be able to deliver customized gift
sets for you to keep as memoirs for a lifetime.


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