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‘Mirchi’: Represents ‘Unbeatable, confident, edgy’.
‘Komachi’: A Japanese ancient word. Represents ‘Wise and beautiful woman’.

We’re an online clothing brand based in Mumbai, India.
We are here to:
– encourage Indian women to enjoy Indian traditional fabrics and handicrafts every day even in non-traditional outfits, and create one-and-only Indian Street Style
– encourage Indian women to design their own life

We create clothes for you to feel confidence, community and movements to live our life fully and freely, to let each woman shine bright.

We hereby pull you into the gang of MIRCHI KOMACHI.
Let’s make a big groove in Indian streets.
Let’s celebrate being independent women.
Let’s sail out to the boundless ocean like fearless female pirates.


A Japanese-Indian woman Yoshiko Inoue is the designer cum pattern maker of MIRCHI KOMACHI.
She’s been enjoying making clothes since Age 11 when her mother bought her a sewing machine.
She completed a 4-year course at a fashion college while working, majored in pattern-making, followed by work at a fashion house in Japan.
Though she didn’t come to India for a fashion-related job, she finally decided to shoot a firework in this field, to add another colour in the life of women in her second home India, with her whole soul, skill, and experience.

Discount: At present we are offering SALE on few items as mentioned on display. Do watch out this space for more…

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