Why Come On-board Being Creators...

Why Come On-board Being Creators…

We are a Creator just like you, managing a platform that offers services to create an ideal environment for fellow creators to operate. We are NOT a marketplace.

Our vision is for like-minded quality creators to come together and grow by helping each other because ‘Unity is Strength’.

Services offered on the platform:

  • Track & Benefit from Influencer Marketing: Benefits like:
  1. It gives an option to even track performance of influencers who do not have a website / app (via link sharing), thus helping us track if a collaboration has led to revenue growth or not.
  2. The convenience of sharing a link and executing link tracking in background is mere copy – paste and is unique and one of a kind feature, available only on this platform.

To know more about this feature, kindly visit FUFUH.STORE – LINK TRACKING

  • Save Time, Resources & Let Us Build Your Professional, Neat Looking Online Shop– Allow us to fill information regarding your store and products, initially. This will save your time as a creator, as filling information can be quite tedious. Also building and then maintaining a website can be a tricky affair these days.
  • Flexible / Bespoke approach– We try to give a bespoke experience to a creator, if possible.
    • For instance: we will try to make adjustments for pre-booking of a successful product that is produced in limited quantity in each batch and has following for itself.
  • No Commission or charges, as we want you to make money first – Earn your complete invoice amount – Monetization can come at a later stage when the creator is benefitting repeatedly. Monetization will be very reasonable when it happens.
    • Why isn’t Fufuh charging: Because we are not a marketplace, hence not desperate. We want fellow creators to benefit first and help each other as much as possible in generating sales. Fufuh as a creator will make money when its own products sell. Fufuh has been manufacturing, innovating and selling as a Creator since 2015.
  • Reach wider audience– By tapping newer audience as compared to Creator’s network we are creating a win – win situation for associated Creators. Fufuh being the creator that started this is deploying traditional and innovative marketing efforts, some of which can be used by all creators and are unique to this platform (As per first point above).
  • Focusing on Quality of Creators and not Quantity– What is the point of having 50 creators selling the same thing when few quality ones can do the same job, and that to probably better.
  • City Specific Selling– If creations of a particular Creator can be delivered in a particular city only, then provision will be made for the Creator to operate accordingly.
  • No COD no problem– We understand that at times Creators do not prefer giving COD on certain items, which are made to order or take lot of time and effort to make. Giving COD or not on a particular order is at Creator discretion.
  • No GST no problem– All Creators might not want to apply for GST due to various reasons. We understand this, and we will enable Creators without GST to sell via our platform.
  • Safeguarding work– We understand that as a creator, every piece is priceless. Hence we encourage safeguarding your work through watermark but do ensure to place it in a way that does not interrupt the clear view of the product on display. Make sure that the picture you choose to upload on our platform does justice to your unique creation.
  • Pickup assistance– We provide pick up and reverse pick up assistance to the creators thereby taking care of their logistics aspect, if required.
  • No Discount schemes– We do not impose any discount schemes on anyone. If a creator is willing to give discount, they get to choose the occasion and other terms and conditions on their own. We will display the discount schemes at relevant places for the buyers to know about the same.
  • No Cannibalization– Only products/offerings from the same Creator will be shared on products/offering page under related products/offerings section. We want us creators to grow together in a healthy environment, as much as possible.
  • Learning from other creator’s experience– We promote the fact that learning is consistent, and continuous learning from each other’s experience can take us places in just no time. Learning from each other’s mistakes is a more effective and quick way to overcome the challenges that prevail in this highly competitive and dynamic environment. We have a closed group of associated Creators.


Kindly note:

  • We are not open for all and selective in associating.
  • For us, quality takes an upper hand over quantity and that is what we strive for to provide through this platform.
  • We at Fufuh are creators ourselves, who are quality conscious and experience the quality of making of other creators first hand before joining hands with them.


Kindly feel free to connect in case of any query.