Why Sell On Fufuh

We as a Creator ourselves have built a platform where we can express our creations freely as compared to online marketplaces. After reaching a certain level in terms of infrastructure and marketing of this platform, we have decided to share this platform with other creators at practically negligible cost. Idea is to share a platform similar to what Creators would want to build online for themselves, or try to keep it as close as possible. We have mentioned about the advantages associated with this platform below:

  • Target audience– By tapping newer audience as compared to Creator’s network we are creating a win – win situation for associated Creators. We deploy the right online marketing techniques i.e. SEO and other related marketing efforts and our efforts will approach a different and new audience, thus expanding the reach for associated creators.
  • Online & ‘Talk to Creator & Buy’ sale platform– We are offering a unique feature of providing both online & ‘Talk to Creator & Buy’ sale options to our creators from the same store front. We can discuss this in detail if we mutually decide to collaborate.
  • Flexible / Bespoke approach– We try to create an environment ideal for Creators to operate. Since we are Creators too, we understand that too many restrictions hamper our expression and in turn growth. We try to give a bespoke experience to a creator, if possible.
  • City Specific Selling- If creations of a particular Creator can be delivered in a particular city only, then provision will be made for the Creator to operate accordingly.
  • No COD no problem – We understand that at times Creators do not prefer giving COD on certain items, which are made to order or take lot of time and effort to make. COD option can be allotted or removed from a particular product as per liking.
  • No GST no problem – All Creators might not want to apply for GST due to various reasons. We understand this, and we will enable Creators without GST to sell on our platform.
  • Save Time & Let Us Build Your Professional, Neat Looking Online Shop– Allow us to fill information regarding your store and products, initially. This will save your time as a creator, as filling information can be quite tedious. It will also ensure minimum quality standards to be maintained, as that is an important criteria for us to operate. In short, we will make your online store and make it look like none other.
  • No Commission or charges, as we want you to make money first – We know the bootstrapped feeling:
    • Online Sale: ZERO commission from Fufuh. We want Quality Creators to come forward and benefit first. Monetization can take place later, and we can assure you that it will be one of the lowest on planet Earth.
    • ‘Talk to Creator & Buy’ Sale option: We are charging NO commission on this sale option at present. It is a very unique option of selling started ONLY by Fufuh, as we feel it will be an effective option for us creators. We can discuss this in detail if we mutually decided to collaborate.
    • Why isn’t Fufuh charging: Because we are not a marketplace, hence not desperate. We want fellow creators to benefit first and help each other as much as possible in generating sales. Fufuh as a creator will make money when its own products sell. Fufuh has been manufacturing, innovating and selling as a Creator since 2015.
  • Safeguarding work– We understand that as a creator, every piece is priceless. Hence we encourage safeguarding your work through watermark but do ensure to place it in a way that does not interrupt the clear view of the product on display. Make sure that the picture you choose to upload on our platform does justice to your unique creation.
  • Pickup assistance– We provide pick up and reverse pick up facility to the creators thereby taking care of their logistics aspect, if required.
  • Discount scheme– We do not impose any discount schemes on anyone except the first purchase 10% discount promoted on the Homepage. Post that, it is at every creator’s discretion to offer or not offer a discount on their product. Even if they are willing to give a discount, they get to choose the occasion and other terms and conditions on their own. We will display the discount schemes at relevant places for the buyers to know about the same.
  • No Cannibalization– Only products/offerings from the same Creator will be shared on products/offering page under related products/offerings section. We want us creators to grow together in a healthy environment, as much as possible.
  • Learning from other creator’s experience– We promote the fact that learning is consistent, and continuous learning from each other’s experience can take us places in just no time. Learning from each other’s mistakes is a more effective and quick way to overcome the challenges that prevail in this highly competitive and dynamic environment. We have a closed group of associated Creators.

As creators ourselves, we understand other creator’s requirements and mindset. We value every product being created therefore we do not aim to be branded as a marketplace with countless competition for the same product. We would take pride in being recognized as an online destination/shop with a limited number of creators under various categories resulting in the healthy competitive environment.

Kindly note:

  • We are not open for all and selective in associating.
  • For us, quality takes an upper hand over quantity and that is what we strive for to provide through this platform.
  • We at Fufuh are creators ourselves, who are quality conscious and experience the quality of making of other creators first hand before joining hands with them.

Kindly feel free to connect in case of any query.