Why Come On-board Being Creators...

Why Come On-board Being Creators:

We are a Creator / Seller just like you, managing a platform that offers services to create an ideal environment for creators / sellers to operate.

Our vision is for like-minded quality sellers to come together and grow by helping each other, by default because ‘Unity is Strength’.

Benefits associated are:

  • Social – Affiliate commerce like never before:
    1. Track links for the sale they generate, on any online platform. Thus, track any influencer, blogger or affiliate’s performance.

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  • We build you a professional, neat looking online shop for free:
    • Your shop is not operating in isolation, and is part of the pool of shops by other quality creators. Thus, benefit from each other.
  • Earn full invoice amount via payment gateway. All prepaid payment options are available.
  • Focus to get Quality Creators together from different genres, and not Quantity.
  • City Specific Selling is possible.
  • No COD no problem.
  • No GST no problem.
  • Pickup assistance provided, if required.
  • No Discount schemes, imposed.
  • Connect and learn from like minded creators.

Kindly feel free to connect in case of any query.